Monday, May 10, 2010


We've been doing so much lately, Anton and I took a month long trip to the states and had a blast visiting our family!! We went hiking in Moab, UT at the Arches National Park! There was A LOT of complaining had by me... but hey give me a break, I flew 15 hours with a 7 month old all by myself who slept maybe 5 hours and then woke up and drove 3 hours to Moab... I was Kaput!! I'm sure Anton was too!! He has been crawling since about 5 1/2 months and HATES to be tied down so being on a plane with no where to really crawl, and a car seat, and a hikers pack... I'm surprised this little guy didn't cry more than he did!! Our first hike was a long semi flat hike we saw a few arches and Anton did pretty good, until of course he got hungry!! It was really windy and kinda cold... which I wasn't expecting at all I thought I was headed to the warm desert... ha ha... Our second hike the next day was straight up a rock... it wasn't as long and we saw the Arch that is on all the Utah license plates... It was CRAZY windy once we got up there and I didn't feel very safe with Anton up in the hiking pack and me on the steep rock so we headed to a flat spot down the rock a little bit... once we got there I smelled a ROTTEN smell... yep, Anton had a HUGE poopy diaper and I HAD to change him on a flat rock... so there is a rock in Moab that has an Anton butt print... thank goodness he didn't get any on his clothes!! We saw lots of fun stuff... but I must say my favorite part of the Moab trip was when Anton was in the grass and stood up by himself for a few seconds!! Also getting to see all my Welcker cousins and their babies was soo fun!! I can't wait until all our little ones are older so they can actually play together!! Oh and hike on their own!!

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