Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still waiting for our car!!!!!

So we were supposed to get our car last week...but due to the Easter holiday it was post ponned to this week...When we dropped off the car they told us that the date of arrival was April 14th....well today is April 14th and so far...since it's 2:45 pm...no car!!! This is getting ridiculous!!! I wonder if they know what kind of stress they are putting us through...we have no way of getting away for a while...we had to spend our Anniversary with Ivan's co-workers because we didn't have a car so he could take me out to a new resturant!! There's no way for us to just run to the store...if there's an emergency there's no way for us to get to the hospital...I wish there was a program that would give families a temporary car until there's comes in!!! I can't wait for a car...I can't wait for the freedom it will bring to us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary

So Yesterday was our fourth anniversary!! Four years can anyone else believe it? It seems like ti's been soo long since the wedding but it doesn't seem that long!!! Four years and were expecting our first baby which is a boy!!! For our anniversary since we didn't have a car still...I got up and made Ivan breakfast...spam and egg biscuits...he'd been craving spam and fried eggs for a while so I figured what a good gift right??? Then he took me out for dinner...of course we went with two of the guys from his shop because we didn't have a car yet...but it was a good time!!! I think the best part was just having Ivan here with me on this anniversary...because our third anniversary he was in Iraq so it was a blessing just being with him!!!

So today...I did a little cleaning and we had the same two guys over for dinner...I made Green Chile beef enchiladas they weren't too bad...with avocado, re fried beans, salad and fruit!! All in all it was good.... every single enchilada was eaten except one!!! That was 12 enchiladas!!! man those boys sure can eat!!! Now I'm blogging while Ivan and one of his buddies are playing Call of duty...it's 10:20 pm and I'm wondering if they are ever going to quit so I can get some one on one time with my hubby before he crashes for the night!!! Oh I think were getting a couch tomorrow....fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan!!! Well sea pony keeps kicking me in the bladder I think he wants me to empty it!!! So I'll end by saying....I hate spiders!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Alandzak

So today was our first German Dr's appointment!! We both really like our Dr. he was very funny and extremely informative!!! He literally spent the whole time with us!! He even did the ultrasound...he cracked us up when he jiggled my belly to get sea pony to move!! And he took the ultrasound wand and made sea pony wave to us!!! But most important is what he told us....Sea pony is A BOY!!! We are officially having a baby BOY!! Sorry Grandma...but just remember...the first one to have a grand baby gets the Mustang!!! he he he!!! Dr told us that sea pony was not shy in hiding his penis, he was flashing it all over!!! So it looks like were going to have a T.J. on our hands!!! Well that's all from us...were just so glad to know for sure so we can start playing the name game and come up with the perfect name for our little guy!!! So Bridge and John we got a Bratwurst...what are you bringing to the table??

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oops! Ivan your going to get it!!

So my last post which was titled Happy Easter is all Ivan's fault!!! He told me that it was Easter that Sunday and I just believed him!! However I looked it up on the Internet and guess what Ivan was wrong!!!! Easter is April 12th!!!! You dork Ivan...and I guess I'm a dork for posting something that I didn't research first!!!

On a separate note...sea pony has been kicking all morning!!! It's GREAT!!! I love feeling sea pony inside me!!! Well that's all I got for today!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter!!

So I guess I'd better get a little better about this whole blog thing and at least write something every month or so!!! So the last week or so has been..well quite boring to say the least. I have literally done nothing but dishes the last few weeks we have been unpacking our kitchen and so we literally washed every single dish we owned!! lets just say I HATE DISHES!!! Not to mention over here in Germany they don't make double sinks...like literally don't make them we've checked!! It's a single sink...so I pile the dishes next to the sink and wash them all...change the water to rinse them all and then hand dry them all and put them away in our 2 kitchen cabinets!!! Lets just say that I can't wait to get back to America so I can have a regular sized kitchen!! We finished the kitchen Saturday so yeah now we are just going room by room and vacuuming the ceilings..floors...walls...heaters...to get rid of all the cob webs and such!!! The only other thing of note out of the last 2 weeks is that I took a fall down three of our stairs...it was painful, I'm not going to lie...however the only injuries we could find was a big bruise on my back where I fell on the edge of the step!!! So other than pain when I sit, lay down, lay on my side... I'm doing good!!! Well so far that's what we got...We are supposed to get our car sometime next week so stay tuned hopefully when we have some wheels we will get a life again!!! Oh, I forgot Ivan went to his first beer fest last night...he had a great time...but did suffer some minor scratches when he jumped a fence to go to the bathroom! But no worries...they weren't deep and he did NOT urinate himself so all in all it went well!!! Until next time!!!