Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Alandzak

So today was our first German Dr's appointment!! We both really like our Dr. he was very funny and extremely informative!!! He literally spent the whole time with us!! He even did the ultrasound...he cracked us up when he jiggled my belly to get sea pony to move!! And he took the ultrasound wand and made sea pony wave to us!!! But most important is what he told us....Sea pony is A BOY!!! We are officially having a baby BOY!! Sorry Grandma...but just remember...the first one to have a grand baby gets the Mustang!!! he he he!!! Dr told us that sea pony was not shy in hiding his penis, he was flashing it all over!!! So it looks like were going to have a T.J. on our hands!!! Well that's all from us...were just so glad to know for sure so we can start playing the name game and come up with the perfect name for our little guy!!! So Bridge and John we got a Bratwurst...what are you bringing to the table??


Bridgette said...

YEAH!!! That's awesome. Can't wait to see you guys.

Jessica of Too Tall for Italy said...

LOL I love the TJ reference! Hopefully you are referring to when he used to chase us pantless when he was kid, and not any of his more recent antics ;)

Megan, Ivan and Anton said...

Ha ha ha!! I was speaking of him playing air guitar as a little kid :) ha ha ha