Monday, July 9, 2012

Home sweet Home

We are in our house... FINALLY!! It was a crazy wreck trying to get it all sorted out but we did it... First we were going to be in on July 1st but when we contacted the storage company they couldn't deliver our stuff from Germany until July 9th, the day after Ivan left for a week long training. So it would be Anton and I telling the movers where to put stuff and marking all the boxes down to make sure we have everything.... So we called the company and after A LOT of begging they said we could have it delivered on Friday June 29th so all Ivan had to do is call and ask the landlord if we could move in a few days early... everything was a go, except that they were also cleaning the carpets on Friday so we couldn't have them bring anything in side the house except for the big furniture which we put in the dining rooms. It was crazy and I'm so glad that we were able to get it changed even though the carpet cleaners were finishing up and rolling up their hoses right when the truck came with our stuff!! I will say that my back and arms were pretty sore after moving all our stuff from the garage/dining rooms to each room but we did it!! (Ivan also made us rearrange our bedroom twice... and that furniture is the heaviest in the house!!) A few broken and scratched up things but other than that everything else pretty much made it... I think I might be missing a mirror that my grandma and grandpa gave to me for my graduation but I still have a few boxes to go thru!! as soon as our office is set up I'll start actually blogging some pictures too!! For now though, I can go to the bathroom on my own (sometimes) and Anton really loves his play room and being able to run around our whole house!! he actually did about 7 or 8 laps around the living room last night before bed!! Anton also LOVES LOVES LOVES running thru the sprinkler, something we never had until now!! He of course loves helping his daddy cut the grass since he can drive the lawn mower!! Just so many things to love... except the spiders... can you believe that there are more here than in germany and just as big : /