Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28th

Today arrived a package from my mom!! I love packages even if it's stuff you requested it's still fun getting mail!! The great thing about my mom is that she always puts more stuff then what you just requested in the package which makes it even better...because it's always exciting opening it up not knowing what's in there!! Thanks Mom!!

Last night Ivan his buddies and I all went to a sports pub to watch the European Soccer finals...or something like was so much fun!! Even though we ended up driving the kids home only to realize 2 miles from base we only had enough gas to go 4 we had to stop and fuel up to make it home...which we did but not until 12:30 am...needless to say I was exausted. This also marked i believe the first time I've driven in Germany at night!! I did really well even though I almost missed a turn and a stop sign!! Thanks boys!

So over the last weekend Ivan and I have been cleaning up our house and making it Megan ready!! We weeded out the backyard where we found trash from the early 90's, and I think from the 70's as well!!! I don't know if that area has seen a rake for at least 20 years!!! We also power washed the front of our house...which the next day our neighbor did the same thing!! It was such a great weekend and I feel so accomplished!! 

Tomorrow I have a Dr's appt. to see if the ambilcule cord is still sitting too high...I guess if it is I'll have to have weekly appts to watch the baby more closely...All I know is this baby is a mover and a shaker...he's going to be one wiggly worm when he comes out!! Well that's all for now I think I'll take a nap!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I didn't even realize that my last post before catch up was about us still not getting our Ivan being the sneaky little devil that he is on the very same day I wrote the post about us not getting our car...he drove home in guess what OUR CAR!!! So we finally did get our car!!! 

Catch up!

I of course have to play catch up again!! I'm super bad at this writing all the time...the computer is Ivan's domain not mine!! But I'll still do my best to keep it up!! So a few weeks ago now my mom and sister came to visit us all the way over here in Germany!! They also had two fellow travlers...our cats Monster and Chevy...lets just say that they are not good travlers...sorry sis and mom...we will be forever gratefull to you guys for bringing us two more members of our family!! They have really helped me adjust to my surrondings a lot more than I would have ever thought they would...yet they still don't kill the spiders on my command yet...we'll get there I'm sure...of course I'm talking about my cats!! 

Now back to the human family!! We had such a great time while they were here it was a lot of just the Wilson girls doing crazy things...or maybe just me being a crazy driver and doing crazy things...they just lauged with me of course!! I don't think I've ever almost peed my pants so many times in just 10 days!! It was excatly what I needed since moving half way across the world to a place where no one understands what I'm saying...As anyone who knows me can imagine i'm sure they got sick of me talking their ears off beacuse I had to catch up on all my well talking!! 

Anyways...We went to Trier, Germany 3 times and loved it every single time!! I think that would be voted most favorite place and not just because it's the oldest city in Germany...they had the best shops, food, entertainment, and national monuments!!! We also traveled to Luxembourg...where they speak French...we brought along our German phrase book...but needless to say it didn't do us much good!! However we made the best of it and went to see a Great Castle!! We also traveled down to Austria so we could see where they filmed The Sound of Music...lets just say that Ivan was way sick of us singing...the hills are alive....We also got to see this cool castle that looked out over the city of Salzburg!!! The first night we stayed in a great hotel that cost us an arm and a leg but it was worth it!! Especially for breakfast the next morning which I think we can all conclude was the best breakfast of the trip!! We also visited Bitburg, Germany which was 85% destroyed in WWII. So that was some great history...this is where most of the shopping took was a great time and I had a blast exploring with My mom and my sister. 

While we (the pregos) were realxing at home my mom was out planting me flowers and caluking my bathrooms down stairs!!! Once again I'm indebted to her...because these are things I would never have done...not just because I'm prego and can't inhale the fumes but because they were both areas that were spider infested and she cleaned them up for me and made our house a home!! She's always done that for us no matter where we live she will come by for a visit and by the time she has left she's done half of our to do list and made the house look a billion times better and make us feel like we could actually live here!! So THANKS X A BILLION MOM!!!

Ok so hopefully that's all the catch I said I'll try and be better about this blogging...Some day I'll even get Ivan to put the pictures on the computer so that I can showcase the BELLY!!