Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28th

Today arrived a package from my mom!! I love packages even if it's stuff you requested it's still fun getting mail!! The great thing about my mom is that she always puts more stuff then what you just requested in the package which makes it even better...because it's always exciting opening it up not knowing what's in there!! Thanks Mom!!

Last night Ivan his buddies and I all went to a sports pub to watch the European Soccer finals...or something like was so much fun!! Even though we ended up driving the kids home only to realize 2 miles from base we only had enough gas to go 4 we had to stop and fuel up to make it home...which we did but not until 12:30 am...needless to say I was exausted. This also marked i believe the first time I've driven in Germany at night!! I did really well even though I almost missed a turn and a stop sign!! Thanks boys!

So over the last weekend Ivan and I have been cleaning up our house and making it Megan ready!! We weeded out the backyard where we found trash from the early 90's, and I think from the 70's as well!!! I don't know if that area has seen a rake for at least 20 years!!! We also power washed the front of our house...which the next day our neighbor did the same thing!! It was such a great weekend and I feel so accomplished!! 

Tomorrow I have a Dr's appt. to see if the ambilcule cord is still sitting too high...I guess if it is I'll have to have weekly appts to watch the baby more closely...All I know is this baby is a mover and a shaker...he's going to be one wiggly worm when he comes out!! Well that's all for now I think I'll take a nap!!

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Bridgette said...

My baby is moving like crazy too, I guess we get what we deserve :) John will be so proud of you for going to watch a European soccer game (even if it's on TV).