Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A long time coming!!!

So i know this is a long long time coming...let me get everyone up to speed...
Sept 17th I started a new job at the Great Falls clinic...this is also the day that Ivan finds out that we are getting stationed in Spangdahlem, Germany!! So it was a day full of positives!!!
November was just Turkey and sleeping...nothing too exciting happened in November!
December...the 8th to be exact I took a home pregnancy test and it showed up positive...Ivan being the practical person he is suggested that we get a different brand of pregnancy test just to be sure..you know in case this one was broken or something! So that night we went to Walgreen's and picked up another brand of test...That one also proved to be positive!!! So Ivan being practical says we should wait until we get a test at the clinic before we get too excited! So on December 11th we found out from the clinic that we were indeed pregnant...FINALLY I can celebrate!!!

So since it was sooo close to Christmas time we decided to wait until Christmas to tell my parents that we were expecting the first grand baby!! So we bought a little outfit that said " Who needs Santa when i have grandparents" and we wrapped it up and hid it until all the presents were done being opened! Our plan was to have my mom open the gift...but she was too involved in the gift she had just got so my dad got to open it...Bridgette was the first one to catch on...she started to give me a hug and then my mom looked over to see what was going on...she uh....freaked out a little..she sorta jumped up and down and shoved Bridge out of the way so she could tackle me...It was such a great Christmas...hun Bridge..wink...wink...

January...this was a month full of trying to get our next 3 years of lives fit into little packages! My first Dr appt was January 15th..we got to see our little sea pony for the first time also we found out that our due date is Aug. 14th !! Seapony was very little and looked just like a sea horse...hence the nickname seapony!!! Then towards the end of January my sister threw me a baby shower in Great Falls...I think we had a great turn out of friends and family...I felt so blessed for having all those people in our lives...it truly makes you feel like your cared about!!!

February....dun dun dun....The first week of February all of our stuff got packed up and shipped over to Germany...due to arrive there in March and April....So we lived out of a hotel from Feb 2nd - Feb. 13th... which was my last day at the Great Falls Clinic!! Then on Feb. 13th we packed up all our junk and headed to Spokane to visit my family!! We stayed there a little over 2 weeks...and found out some of the best news ever...My sister and John were going to have a BABY too!!! Bridge is due Sept. 18th...so she is only a month behind me which is super exciting!!! We are going to be two huge prego fools together!!! Then on Feb 27th we flew to Boston to visit Ivan's family!! I was really great being able to see them again!

March....so on March 4th we departed from Boston to Baltimore...where we had an 8 hour layover until our plane departed for Ramestein, Germany...so after we spent an hour and a half loading the airplane we finally started moving...then we got deiced..then we had mechanical trouble so we went back to the gate so they could fix it!! so two hours later we were finally on our way to our new home in Spangdahlem, Germany!! The flight wasn't too bad they fed us and hydrated us very well!!! I had stomach cramps pretty much the whole flight and was worried...but as soon as we landed I figured out what it was....Gas!! how silly is that??? We made the flight just fine and was greeted by Ivan's boss Sargent Evanovich who took us from Ramstein AFB, to Spangdahlem AFB...Once there i thought great lets sleep!!! But they had other plans for us...we got started on house hunting, getting phones, getting schedules of different briefings...so finally i think we arrived at 10:00...we got to go to our room at 4:30 pm and SLEEP...which is now my favorite hobby ever!!! So for the first week we were here we were literally running around trying to get a house, get our Germans drivers license and just trying to get settled...so from March 5th - March 20th we lived in a hotel on base...but on March 20th we moved into our home off base in a teeny village called Orsfeld! It smells like horse crap... and has spiders galore...but after we clean it...spray for bugs and get all of our old familiar stuff in the house i know we'll be happy here!!! So today is March 24th, and I'm just doing laundry with our German washer and dryer...which is just about as small as our stove and sink in the kitchen...so far i figured out that the washer takes 2 times as long as the dryer...which is strange?? Ne ways ...my next Dr's appt with a German Dr is April 7th, and we are hoping to find out what the sex of the baby is at that appt....so stay tuned!!!!