Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here comes Santa Claus....Forget that guy.... Here comes Anton!!

Awww.... I LOVE MY ANTON!!! We had such a blast tonight he was so amazing when he went to see Santa Claus!! We got there, I made him take his baseball cap off and straighten his hair out, then coached him on what he's supposed to do, helped him up, though he needed no helping and away he went telling Santa that he wanted a blue iron man and a blue power ranger for Christmas, of course he was asked if he had been a good boy and Anton answered immediately YES!! That's when Santa told him to just be a good more boy for one more week!! Then he turned and smiled for the camera, the most beautiful amazing smile ever it was like magic, all except for one little thing... his eyes were closed like father like son I suppose!! So we settled for the one of them hugging a bit. There was also an amazing one of Santa (who had a real beard btw!) and Anton chatting, it really melted my heart!! So when we were done a little old lady asked if she could look at his picture!! Of course I obliged, because how can you say no to someone wanting to tell you what a big and handsome boy he is!! I just love this little guy, then on the other side of santa are these singing bears we listened to a few songs, one was a chipmunk song and Anton just laughed when the bear would make his voice like a chipmunk!! Best sound ever is his laughter!! He had to of course get a closer look, and really really wanted to climb the fence but staying true to his previous words to old St. Nick he was a very good listener and stayed on our side of the fence!! Then of course we took him for dinner at Wendy's all of our favorite place to eat!! He asked for the toy microphone that comes in the kids meal and we said you get what you get... well as lucky as this little guy is he got guess what... the microphone!! After dinner we just sat there and interviewed each other asking about Christmas and how old we were, and if we were good or bad. Seriously, I love that kid. He is super fun, boisterous, fast, crazy, dirty, loving and really truly cares about us and lets us know how much he cares!! He is sweet and innocent but at the turn of a corner you can find that your leg is being hi karated off!! He's of course sleeping right now as it's 2 minutes past midnight and I find myself wanting to sneak in there and snuggle and kiss him. However, I know he is a growing boy who needs his sleep so he can play and swim with his friend Connor tomorrow, so I will let him sleep!! Who knew you could be in love with two guys at the same time ;) They both are the keepers of my heart and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Home sweet Home

We are in our house... FINALLY!! It was a crazy wreck trying to get it all sorted out but we did it... First we were going to be in on July 1st but when we contacted the storage company they couldn't deliver our stuff from Germany until July 9th, the day after Ivan left for a week long training. So it would be Anton and I telling the movers where to put stuff and marking all the boxes down to make sure we have everything.... So we called the company and after A LOT of begging they said we could have it delivered on Friday June 29th so all Ivan had to do is call and ask the landlord if we could move in a few days early... everything was a go, except that they were also cleaning the carpets on Friday so we couldn't have them bring anything in side the house except for the big furniture which we put in the dining rooms. It was crazy and I'm so glad that we were able to get it changed even though the carpet cleaners were finishing up and rolling up their hoses right when the truck came with our stuff!! I will say that my back and arms were pretty sore after moving all our stuff from the garage/dining rooms to each room but we did it!! (Ivan also made us rearrange our bedroom twice... and that furniture is the heaviest in the house!!) A few broken and scratched up things but other than that everything else pretty much made it... I think I might be missing a mirror that my grandma and grandpa gave to me for my graduation but I still have a few boxes to go thru!! as soon as our office is set up I'll start actually blogging some pictures too!! For now though, I can go to the bathroom on my own (sometimes) and Anton really loves his play room and being able to run around our whole house!! he actually did about 7 or 8 laps around the living room last night before bed!! Anton also LOVES LOVES LOVES running thru the sprinkler, something we never had until now!! He of course loves helping his daddy cut the grass since he can drive the lawn mower!! Just so many things to love... except the spiders... can you believe that there are more here than in germany and just as big : /

Friday, June 8, 2012

Am I like the Capitol?

So I recently read the Hunger Games trilogy in about 2 1/2 days. I'm horrible at putting down a book once I've opened it. I remember growing up I would get up eat breakfast and then go to my room and read until lunch, make something that I could eat and read at the same time and go back to reading my mom had to force me out of the house and usually I would try to sneak the book with me!! This was obviously during the summer time! And now that I'm a stay at home mommy I literally try NOT to read because I know I will put Anton in front of a movieso I can read!! It is a very serious struggle, and my dear husband is usually pretty good about the whole thing I just tell him let me just finish these books so I can be done them and be back to my normal self :) and he does well considering its been quite a few months since I picked up my last book anyway, and that I rarely ask for anything. ANYWAY... this darn book has me thinking so hard about if I am the Capitol... And let me say that the main characters in this book are written so selflessly and they give everything for their families and for others. So of course the Capitol is the place where they have plenty and they actually drink stuff to make them throw up so they can eat more :/ so no I don't throw up so I can eat more but I do think of how much we have that we waste sometimes, like the two nectarines I forgot we had until I smelled them ewww..... So I have been thinking how can I become more selfless ( I'm going to start small and work my way up) in my family. What can I go without so that my family can have more so that I can teach Anton that the best feelings in life are that of self sacrifice and giving to others.. I do realize that this will be lost on my almost 3 year old, however maybe if he sees it he will model it?? So has anyone else ever read a book and realized that your life is closer relatd to the antagonist versus the heroine? Ok ok side note, Anton s listening to the lion kings " I just cant wait to be king" and smiling so big!! I love that kid!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Keep on trucking....

So nothing too exciting just want to keep the momentum going with the blog!! I think we have like 26 more days left in the camper, thank goodness! The toilet smells of nasty death every time you flush I mean so awful I flush hold my breath and wash my hands so fast, thinking I'm turning onthe hot water but realizing you have to flip the switch for he hot water at least 30 min in advance... So wash it with cold water turn on the fan and shut the door!! Also I needed a small break from the wrestling gentleman known as Anton and Ivan, so I went and laid on my bed while they continued their wrestling match on Anton's bed... But of course 2 min after I lay down the match moves to my bed... One on the right side one on the left side throwing Anton's cars slippers at each other while trying to get them to ricochet and hit me for bonus points... Ugh... (and cute).... So I snatch the slippers away and tell they can't have them back because they are hitting me in the head and not listening ( all the time looking at Ivan then to Anton and then back) so Anton instructs daddy to cry so that I will give them back the shoes!?! Exposed! I then told daddy that crying uld not get him the shoes back but talking to me and coming to an agreement would, so. Would move all the way to the right and they would continue to play to the left of me and they would try or to hit me in the head (yeah right!) ... I sure hope the darn lesson sunk in... Even as I'm writing this I still can't believe he gave himself away just like that!! Oops so that ties in because I tried to go to another area in the camper but as its so stinking small everyone is always right there and I just need some space!! 26 more days!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Are you stitching kidding me?

Awww, my life it's never a breeze or uncomplicated for some reason :) so let's back track to Wednesday evening, My lovely husband was flushing out our trailers toilet cuz I kept complaining about passing out from the stench... So he would fill it up with the hose and then dump it all, fill it up dump it... And on the third and final fill... The neighbors brought their new hound dogs out so of course we went to see them and play with them and, yep you guessed it Ivan looked back at the trailer and water was coming out of the seams :( so he ran over and turned off the water, but the floor was covered in two inches of toilet/water junk.... So quickly he went to his shop and got the shop vac and cleaned it all up whilst Anton and I went to dinner with some other neighbors. When we came back Ivan was finally done and so I went and sanitized and washed the floors and walls. I mean I know I needed to mop but really??? That's just excessive ;) Fast Forward to today... Staple removal day... So Ivan drops me off at 3 and decided to stay in the car with Anton because he DID NOT want to be in the room... Ok so I'm braving this alone... Go in she takes them out with out hardly any pain!! She steri strips me and away I go. I'm thinking easy as pie... Ha! So we go back to base and are pulling up to get our mail when I look down and have bled thru my pants, tank top and t-shirt... Call the doc while Ivan goes to get the mail and they say come back in... Go back get cleaned up, more steri strips and some gauze and am told that my belly button opening is probably going to want to drain so to just not take a shower and keep putting gauze on it for about a day and half so that it will scab itself :o I was a tiny bit confused as the last 7 days with staples I thought it was healing and supposed to be forming those scab things, I guess not?? So we went and bought some gauze, and some big bandiads to keep it clean and let it leak :) ha ha I swear things are never just simple... But what are you going to do? It is what it is!! ( oh and I totally just sneezed while waiting this and pretty sure there's no more scab there even if there was to begin with!) On to a better and funny note Anton cracked me up and hurt my feelings a tiny bit yesterday... I was singing in the car while we were driving to his friends house and he says " mommy stop stop... Your hurting my ears and cars ears... Mommy say sorry to Anton and car" so I say sorry to Anton and he then says " now say your sorry to car" so I say sorry car. And then Anton says " yeah you hurted cars ears and my ears" ...... Aww... All my lovely husband has to say about the whole thing is that's my boy, Im proud of you Anton... Maybe I need singing lessons what do you think?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every little thing is gonna be alright

So went to the dr today and got all the hoopla and questions answered. Unfourtanly for me my periods will stay the same... Which I think is super cruel... If you only have one tube you should only have to have one cycle every other month! The dr said it will be slightly harder for us to get preggers, and have a slightly higher chance of having another ectopic pregnancy but that the left tube looked pretty good so he doesn't really expect it to happen. When he was in the underworld he did notice that both ovaries had some "cystic changes" where there were sacs of cystic fluid on them but they didn't look too worrisome and at our 8 week check they are going to do an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok... And then on Friday I get to go have the staples removed!! So the last order of my business is going to talk to the gym I just paid on Thursday ( yes the day before I went into surgery) for a month membership to see if they could hold the membership until I'm able to start working out again! I hope so it's an all women's gym so they have to understand right? I don't have to take anymore antibiotics yay! And I think I'm just going to stop taking the pain pills too, I can live with a little bit of pain... But you can bet your booty that I'll be taking a pain pill on Friday when they remove my staples... Everyone keep your fingers crossed that ivan or I don't pass out when they remove my staples!! My mom will tell you that the last time they removed staples from me they had to lay me down and bring me some juice! And poor Ivan faints at the sight of a needle so it's not looking too good for us on Friday :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A memorial weekend I won't ever forget!

So it all started on Thursday, with some discomfort lower abdomen pain... Nothing to serious as I went to Zumba class and was able to keep up :) then Friday morning we woke up and went for a bike ride and brught Anton home for a nap, while he was napping it started to feel like I was having slight contractions, so I thought I might be preggo. Thought that since I started working out about two weeks ago that I was going to have to rest a little bit and then everything would go back to normal... So I called a nurse device line, they suggested that I go to a walk in clinic just to make sure. So Friday around 2 ish I went to the walk in clinic. Around 230 after taking a pee test I found out I was pregnant!! I called Ivan and told him yay!! They wanted me to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound and a blood test to determine how far along I was... So I walked across the street to the hospital (because there was no way Anton was going to behave thru all these appointments :) so I go and have the blood test go and wait for the ultrasound.... And drink a lot of water because you have to have a full bladder for this type of u/s ... Then they have an emergency u/s to do before me.... I was ready to explode!! I wanted to pee so bad!! Ha ha ha, finally they got me back there and she did the outer one first so I could pee :) awwww... Now she had to do the inter vaginal one so we were joking and laughing then she kind of went silent and had a serious face, she said she was finished with the right side and went to the left side, finished with the left now and said she wanted to get a few more shots of the right side... Alarm bell number 1 she wanted MORE pics.... So when she was finally done I called Ivan to come pick me up because the dr at the immediate care said after the u/s I could go home... However the tech asked me to stay in radiology so that the Dr could call me right away... Alarm bell nĂºmero 2.... So I told Ivan that I actually had to wait here and I'd call him as soon as I knew. The immediate care Dr called me and said that. Had an ectopic tubal pregnancy in my right Fallopian tube and needed emergency surgery because it looked like there was blood surrounding the fertilized egg which worries them because it means that it's close to rupturing... So I walk two doors down into the emergency room and boom, met by a nurse they get me hooked up have me where the gown, take a whole bunch f blood and then finally Ivan and Anton show up to see me :) looks like Anton and daddy were going to have a sleep over with each other!! And mommy was going to spend the night at the hospital. The On call OB came in and explained what was going to happen, they were going to make three small holes one in my belly button, one in the mid right and then one right above my c-section scar on the right side. Then they were going in to remove my right tube check my ovaries and left tube to make sure everything else looked good and that as that. So of course the first thing I asked was you HAVE to remove the tube?? And the answer was OF COURSE. Well what are the chances of us being able to get pregnant again? Slightly less but not impossible. What are the chances of me having anther ectopic pregnancy in the left tube? Chances are increased because I've already had one. Fast forward... Recovery room.... Everything went well I can pee which seems to be the only thing anyone is worried about :) I'm really sleepy, and it almost felt like a vacation if it weren't for the pesky nurse who had to still give me a rhogam shot, and come and take my blood pressure and tempature all the time :) so now I'm waiting to talk to the Dr who actually performed the surgery and they tell me that I have to make an appointment with his office for Wednesday. So the only thing I'm even upset about is that I have no idea what went down... I know I'm walking around with only one Fallopian tube, but I have a billion other questions like.... Since I don't have afillopian tube does the egg that gets released just float around in my body since I don't have the tube? Do I only get my period now once every other month? That might be kinda cool!? Anyway so I will wait u til tomorrow and see whats going on with my body... Still not sure how I "feel" about any of this... Ive done my best to not think too hard on the subject, but maybe after tomorrow I'll feel differently?? If I remember I will try and blog about the appointment... But if my previous trend continues you might have to wait 6 months to hear from me :)