Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here comes Santa Claus....Forget that guy.... Here comes Anton!!

Awww.... I LOVE MY ANTON!!! We had such a blast tonight he was so amazing when he went to see Santa Claus!! We got there, I made him take his baseball cap off and straighten his hair out, then coached him on what he's supposed to do, helped him up, though he needed no helping and away he went telling Santa that he wanted a blue iron man and a blue power ranger for Christmas, of course he was asked if he had been a good boy and Anton answered immediately YES!! That's when Santa told him to just be a good more boy for one more week!! Then he turned and smiled for the camera, the most beautiful amazing smile ever it was like magic, all except for one little thing... his eyes were closed like father like son I suppose!! So we settled for the one of them hugging a bit. There was also an amazing one of Santa (who had a real beard btw!) and Anton chatting, it really melted my heart!! So when we were done a little old lady asked if she could look at his picture!! Of course I obliged, because how can you say no to someone wanting to tell you what a big and handsome boy he is!! I just love this little guy, then on the other side of santa are these singing bears we listened to a few songs, one was a chipmunk song and Anton just laughed when the bear would make his voice like a chipmunk!! Best sound ever is his laughter!! He had to of course get a closer look, and really really wanted to climb the fence but staying true to his previous words to old St. Nick he was a very good listener and stayed on our side of the fence!! Then of course we took him for dinner at Wendy's all of our favorite place to eat!! He asked for the toy microphone that comes in the kids meal and we said you get what you get... well as lucky as this little guy is he got guess what... the microphone!! After dinner we just sat there and interviewed each other asking about Christmas and how old we were, and if we were good or bad. Seriously, I love that kid. He is super fun, boisterous, fast, crazy, dirty, loving and really truly cares about us and lets us know how much he cares!! He is sweet and innocent but at the turn of a corner you can find that your leg is being hi karated off!! He's of course sleeping right now as it's 2 minutes past midnight and I find myself wanting to sneak in there and snuggle and kiss him. However, I know he is a growing boy who needs his sleep so he can play and swim with his friend Connor tomorrow, so I will let him sleep!! Who knew you could be in love with two guys at the same time ;) They both are the keepers of my heart and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!