Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's time to start again!

Aww... it's been too long way too long... Anton is almost 2 1/2 years old and WILD and CRAZY but also super fun and loving. He has an imagination to boot!! He loves nothing more than going outside to run and play and jump!! For Christmas we got him an indoor trampoline and it's getting used about a bajillion times a day!!! I love it, a few of his favorite games to role play with us are, iron man, robot, chasing game and all around wrestling and fighting :) He is all boy this one!! Except when Aunt Bridgette puts him in Gretals dress or when he sees that Gretal gets to wear pretties in her hair and he wants one too!! I can't say no because he looks so dang cute in them and I love it!!! We have been spending the holidays with family which has been such a fun blessing and a little crazy! My mom always has me going somewhere to a blessing, a missionary send off, visiting grandparents... I really can't complain though I love being able to see all of my extended family and am so excited that in April we'll be moving to North Carolina so we'll at least be stateside and the flights will at least be a little shorter :) I guess I'll have to keep a look out for some cheap airline tickets!! I think Ivan is sad to leave his 2nd motherland... and I'm super sad too... I know we'll have to try to go back someday because we have loved living there so much and getting to enjoy and experience the culture! Ivan does love to experience new things and really likes to hunt and fish and from what we hear he can do both in North Carolina... so it looks like our freezer and our walls will be full!! Well now it's time to give 2, 2 year olds a bath... look out this is going to be crazy :)