Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello Good Friend!

So it's been a while since I've sat down to write something on here... we've had a lot going on and seems like more and more everyday. In November we went and visited my parents and sister in Spokane... We rode over Space A which was a huge C- 17? Ivan will probably correct me on this later... Any who... It was very loud and cold but we were able to lay down and walk around! Anton and Daddy even got to meet the pilots!! Once we got to Spokane we had a blast we got to see our little niece Gretal and she was such a little cu-tie. I think she is a mini Bridge I just loved getting to hold her and snuggle with her! Anton had a great trip he adjusted to the time change going over perfectly... but coming back took about 2 1/2 weeks to get back on schedule! He was always surronded by family and good friends who wanted to hold and cuddle him! He did great except at night when he only wanted Mommy... which drove Grandma crazy! He got sooo many cute outfits and an amazing quilt from the neighbor and good friend Beth! But mostly he got to meet his family! Bridge and John just ate him up... Uncle T.J. was a little unsure what to do as most children run and attack him the moment they see him!! Soon hopefully! And he got to see his grandparents again!! Grandma hardly ever put him down we have pictures to prove it!! It was just an all around great trip!! On our way home we flew into Maryland and we rented a car to drive down to Delaware to get on another plane that would take us home... so we very quickly stopped and took pics of Washington Monument! When we drove by them on the Highway we were like WOW we are in our Nations Capital and I got some major goosebumps... then Anton started crying and were like back to reality! We can't wait to see our family again... hopefully next time we go we can go and see Ivan's family too!!