Friday, June 1, 2012

Are you stitching kidding me?

Awww, my life it's never a breeze or uncomplicated for some reason :) so let's back track to Wednesday evening, My lovely husband was flushing out our trailers toilet cuz I kept complaining about passing out from the stench... So he would fill it up with the hose and then dump it all, fill it up dump it... And on the third and final fill... The neighbors brought their new hound dogs out so of course we went to see them and play with them and, yep you guessed it Ivan looked back at the trailer and water was coming out of the seams :( so he ran over and turned off the water, but the floor was covered in two inches of toilet/water junk.... So quickly he went to his shop and got the shop vac and cleaned it all up whilst Anton and I went to dinner with some other neighbors. When we came back Ivan was finally done and so I went and sanitized and washed the floors and walls. I mean I know I needed to mop but really??? That's just excessive ;) Fast Forward to today... Staple removal day... So Ivan drops me off at 3 and decided to stay in the car with Anton because he DID NOT want to be in the room... Ok so I'm braving this alone... Go in she takes them out with out hardly any pain!! She steri strips me and away I go. I'm thinking easy as pie... Ha! So we go back to base and are pulling up to get our mail when I look down and have bled thru my pants, tank top and t-shirt... Call the doc while Ivan goes to get the mail and they say come back in... Go back get cleaned up, more steri strips and some gauze and am told that my belly button opening is probably going to want to drain so to just not take a shower and keep putting gauze on it for about a day and half so that it will scab itself :o I was a tiny bit confused as the last 7 days with staples I thought it was healing and supposed to be forming those scab things, I guess not?? So we went and bought some gauze, and some big bandiads to keep it clean and let it leak :) ha ha I swear things are never just simple... But what are you going to do? It is what it is!! ( oh and I totally just sneezed while waiting this and pretty sure there's no more scab there even if there was to begin with!) On to a better and funny note Anton cracked me up and hurt my feelings a tiny bit yesterday... I was singing in the car while we were driving to his friends house and he says " mommy stop stop... Your hurting my ears and cars ears... Mommy say sorry to Anton and car" so I say sorry to Anton and he then says " now say your sorry to car" so I say sorry car. And then Anton says " yeah you hurted cars ears and my ears" ...... Aww... All my lovely husband has to say about the whole thing is that's my boy, Im proud of you Anton... Maybe I need singing lessons what do you think?


Bridgette said...

If everything was that simple, you would never blog :) I'm surprised they didn't leave the staples in your belly button for longer if it wasn't healed...weird!
Oh and Anton and Gretal are obviously from the same family cause Gretal told me to please stop singing she's trying to ride in the car :) or maybe it's obvious we are from the same family since neither one of us can sing!

Megan, Ivan and Anton said...

Hahaha I love it!! Where do they get this stuff?? The crazy thing is he was going to take the staples out on Wednesday and was like well actually we can wait untilmfriday I guess :o scary!