Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter!!

So I guess I'd better get a little better about this whole blog thing and at least write something every month or so!!! So the last week or so has been..well quite boring to say the least. I have literally done nothing but dishes the last few weeks we have been unpacking our kitchen and so we literally washed every single dish we owned!! lets just say I HATE DISHES!!! Not to mention over here in Germany they don't make double literally don't make them we've checked!! It's a single I pile the dishes next to the sink and wash them all...change the water to rinse them all and then hand dry them all and put them away in our 2 kitchen cabinets!!! Lets just say that I can't wait to get back to America so I can have a regular sized kitchen!! We finished the kitchen Saturday so yeah now we are just going room by room and vacuuming the get rid of all the cob webs and such!!! The only other thing of note out of the last 2 weeks is that I took a fall down three of our was painful, I'm not going to lie...however the only injuries we could find was a big bruise on my back where I fell on the edge of the step!!! So other than pain when I sit, lay down, lay on my side... I'm doing good!!! Well so far that's what we got...We are supposed to get our car sometime next week so stay tuned hopefully when we have some wheels we will get a life again!!! Oh, I forgot Ivan went to his first beer fest last night...he had a great time...but did suffer some minor scratches when he jumped a fence to go to the bathroom! But no worries...they weren't deep and he did NOT urinate himself so all in all it went well!!! Until next time!!!

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