Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary

So Yesterday was our fourth anniversary!! Four years can anyone else believe it? It seems like ti's been soo long since the wedding but it doesn't seem that long!!! Four years and were expecting our first baby which is a boy!!! For our anniversary since we didn't have a car still...I got up and made Ivan breakfast...spam and egg biscuits...he'd been craving spam and fried eggs for a while so I figured what a good gift right??? Then he took me out for dinner...of course we went with two of the guys from his shop because we didn't have a car yet...but it was a good time!!! I think the best part was just having Ivan here with me on this anniversary...because our third anniversary he was in Iraq so it was a blessing just being with him!!!

So today...I did a little cleaning and we had the same two guys over for dinner...I made Green Chile beef enchiladas they weren't too bad...with avocado, re fried beans, salad and fruit!! All in all it was good.... every single enchilada was eaten except one!!! That was 12 enchiladas!!! man those boys sure can eat!!! Now I'm blogging while Ivan and one of his buddies are playing Call of's 10:20 pm and I'm wondering if they are ever going to quit so I can get some one on one time with my hubby before he crashes for the night!!! Oh I think were getting a couch tomorrow....fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan!!! Well sea pony keeps kicking me in the bladder I think he wants me to empty it!!! So I'll end by saying....I hate spiders!!!!


Bridgette said...

Happy Anniversary!! I can never remember the correct one because you guys got married twice :) Anyway we will see you in 13 days

Bridgette said...

Oh and by the way your blog headline should say "are in far away lands" not "were in far away lands" Just a thought.

Bridgette said...

Ok my last comment did not make sense so never mind, I miss read your headline :)