Monday, May 10, 2010


After Spokane we went and stayed with Bridge for two weeks and had a BLAST!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little Gretal. It was so great to see those two interact, and by interact I mean to see Anton beat on poor Gretal. She is such a good little girl who can sit and play for hours! We did and saw a lot while we were there I don't think we ever had time to even miss Ivan the Harris' kept us busy! We went to the bean museum where they have all sorts of taxidermy animals from the zoo and forest... it was a don't touch museum but Gretal and Anton couldn't help themselves!! We ate at A LOT of good and yummy places! We went to the Zoo the Aquarium it was soo much fun! I see why people like to live in big cities you have everything at your fingertips!! I did A LOT of shopping and I think spent waaayyyy more than I should have but what are you going to do?!? I really enjoyed getting to see my sister in her element of being a mom and a wife she makes it look easy, she's a great cook and baker... she made us some strawberry rhubarb pie that was DELICIOUS Anton had a first here too... he went swimming for the very first time and LOVED it! We almost died when I took him down the slide and couldn't get my footing but we made it... he went under the water and came back up we looked at him thinking he was going to cry... but nothing just looked at us like what it was like going home for me!! Unfortunately Anton didn't realize that going to visit The Harris' would mean having to dress up like a girl sometimes but that's what happens when your mom doesn't bring enough jammies and you pee through all of yours... he ended up wearing Gretal's pink jammies to bed one night and we all thought he looked too stinking cute in PINK!!! I can't wait to go back, hopefully with Ivan next time!

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Bridgette said...

We had such a great time having you stay with us, it was hard to let you leave! Oh and by the way...our kids are so cute, JCPenny wants to put their cowboy pics up in their studio :)