Monday, February 15, 2010

My Loves

As it is the day after Valentines day I thought a post about love is best fitting for getting back in the saddle of blogging!

My two loves: Daddy and Baby.
I never thought we'd make it this far... Anton is almost 6 months I remember back to the first few months thinking I'll never make it he'll never grow out of crying all the time and needing to be held 24/7... but he did. He's doing soo good. Today I had him in his crib and he entertained himself for almost 30 min... and then I brought him to our bed and the laundry basket entertained him long enough for me to fold and put away clothes!! I guess this means no more excuses on how I have the baby and so I can't get something done :) But with a Dad like Ivan it wouldn't matter anyway. Ivan is such a great dad and great husband. Anton LOVES his daddy and can't wait to see him. He gives Ivan his HUGE smiles and holds his hands up for Ivan to pick him up! They are two peas in a pod! I remember when Anton would scream if anyone else but mommy would hold him even daddy and how it hurt Ivan to think his baby might not know him... but again we've all grown and now daddy is our prized possession at the end of the long day with mommy!
Anton has started crawling a little bit well at least he's learning to he's been belly crawling and actually using his hands instead of his face to move forward!! Sigh... I can't wait for him to grow and learn new things as long as he stays my cute little snuggle bug forever!


Lacey said...

That little one of yours is too cute. I hear ya on being over the fussy stage :)

Bridgette said...

I can't believe he is almost crawling. He is getting so big. I wish we could have our babies play together and see how much a like they are. Gretal loves her daddy too. Everytime she sees him she gets a really big smile on her face and kicks her legs. It's actually kind of nice because it makes John want to hold her even more :)
OH and you need to blog more with pictures!!

Bradey and Alyssa Kendall Family said...

I agree with Bridge!! More pictures please, Anton is just too cute to keep to yourself!!