Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok so yesterday I did yoga...and anyone who knows me knows that I'm not well lets just say balanced or strechy at all!! I had a great time and had to modify a few moves but over all I think it helped me to strengthen my legs!! However, my back is killing me now!! How weird that sitting up straight can hurt your back...and by hurt I just mean that I feel muscles that I wasn't using while slouching...This week has been pretty fun for me so far...Monday I went swimming with a prego friend and we just talked about all things baby!! Tuesday was yoga..breakfast burrito and is the first day of the week that I didn't get the car and as of right now I'm kinda glad...I need some rest the heartburn has hit me everynight this week and so I've been sleeping sitting up...which is not very comfortable!! Tomorrow/Thursday I'm taking our friends cat into the vet he thinks she's pregnant and so she's got to get checked out!! That's going to be fun...a huge prego lady taking in a huge prego cat!!! he he he!! Then as of Friday no plans....Ivan is supposed to be going go karting again this weekend...however I told him that he can't go until my cupporads are up and functioning!!! He might try and get them done tonight!! he he There's our update...I have also been flip flopping on baby names...we have three now and can't decide so were going to take all three with us and decide when we see the little guy!!


Bridgette said...

WOW YOGA, I am so proud of you :) I'm glad you have a pregnant friend, it makes things way more fun. By the way, I really like the original name you had picked out.

Ben and Em said...

k well me and your sis were talkning about names and we decided we liked anton the best. I hope that helps not that we are trying to name your baby. How are you feeling?