Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Washed and ready to wear

So this is just a silly little post to say that I just did 10 loads of baby laundry...man oh man this little guy has ALOT of clothes!! we filled his dresser to the max! Lots of fun and soft blankets too!! I know this is just a prelude to what it's going to be like when he gets here...throwing up, peeing up, and pooping up into everything!! I can't wait!!! His ears must be burning cuz he's rolling around in my tummy now as I type!! I can't wait for friday cuz we are buying a bed for my Grandma to sleep in when she comes in August...not only is it for that but it has a dresser built in under the bed so we can finally get all of Ivan's stuff put away!! I'll actually have most of the rooms done after that!! yeah!! It is such a relief...and Ivan hooked up the dishwasher yesterday...a little leakage but he fixed that and so today I get to wash dishes...but not by hand!!! I'm sooooooooooo excited!!! It's getting closer and closer to the day where we can finally see our little guy!! Oh last night Ivan had his hand on the belly and of course like always nothing happend...so Ivan took his other hand and tapped the other side of the belly and was like you better move for me...and what happened he moved...Ivan did this 3 times and he would only move if Ivan told him too!! It was way cute...but I have a feeling that he might be one of those that only listens to daddy...we'll have to change that right quick! he he!!

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