Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last of the Maternity Photos

On Sunday our friend Cass took some maternity pics of us! She did a fantastic job and I love them!! We both loved this old school look where the color is tweaked a little bit! But my favorite is the one of Ivan looking at the camera...I call this Mr Blue Eyes...and hope when our little one comes he has his daddy's eyes and eyelashes for that matter!!! Ivan was such a good sport thru it all I love him very much and hopefully that translated into the pics!! We also love the heart on the belly pic!! We went to Wittlich, Germany to take these photos and had a blast walking around the walkplatz looking for one special door...which we didn't find but we did find the famous pig!!! Then we came to this park and walked around for bit and then got right to it!! Cass is also going to come and do newborn pics for us as well...I can't wait!! We both feel very blessed to have such great friends with such great talents in our lives!! Hope you all like them!!!

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Ben and Em said...

Wow your pics are so cute. It made me with that i had done some cute photos of my belly. I cant believe that you are still haning on. Your sis said that he is a big baby and only going to get bigger. Good luck girl!!!! Im so glad your mom gets to be there with you. Moms are the best help!!! Keep us informed let us know when things get started!!!!