Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Room

Here is the baby room!!! No baby as of yet...August 15th...which I may say is one day past his due date!!! But The funny story about the baby room is that at first it was supposed to be green with a brown we went to the store and bought green and brown paint...we had the green done and then started in on the brown...we did a small section to make sure that it would look good...dang good thing we did cuz after that spot dried it looked plum it was back to the store to try a different we came back home with 1 liter of a paint we choose and had mixed ourselves more of a cow brown and painted a small area with that...ugh...that was defenitly poop back to the store again...this time we bought a tiny little bottle of brown...and it was the best brown so far but when we painted a larger spot it clashed so badly with the crib we knew it wasn't going to decided to take a break from painting and to tape up the walls so that when we did find the right brown we could just paint it on and pull the tape....after taping one wall I changed my mind and we decided to change colors to green and blue!!! So we went back to Toom and took the painters tape with us got blue paint that matched the painters tape and voila...This is our baby's room!! I owe a very huge and special thanks to my mom who after 4 trips to Toom ( not all paint related) was still chipper and had a good attitude...which is more than I could say about me (this was week 39 in I was almost in tears after the last 2 failed paints and to put the tape line up I had to walk away about 5 times so I didn't punch a hole in our concrete walls) But we did it...we love it and now I just can't wait until our little guy gets to sleep in here!!!