Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pics for Memorial Day Post!!

I rode in the very back and read Anton the same story over and over and over... I think I read it at least 20 times, I have it memorized now :) But that was the only thing that would keep him from screaming the entire car ride so Janja kept handing me the book every time he started crying it was pretty cute :)
This Door with Anton's name on it is a Bathroom :) How cute!!

Part of Pero's routine to get people to come watch the show is to ride his indian bike and a little tiny motorcycle on these roller balls, he swerves, puts on a blind fold and does this thing with no hands or feet!! It was pretty amazing to watch!!


Megan, Ivan and Anton said...

Oops silly me this was the other guy riding the motorcycle not his uncle Pero... you can tell cuz his uncle is crazy and rides with no hands and the other guy rides with one :)

Bridgette said...

Great pictures! What is the name of the book that Anton loves so might have to buy another one to leave in the car :)

Megan, Ivan and Anton said...

It was his touch and feel book, the one with the puppies, and the one with the zoo animals!! Don't worry I will make sure to bring LOTS of books on our trip!!